Dance Descriptions

The following describes some of the most popular dances that Kathy teaches.

Line Dance

Line dancing is a solo dance done in line formations, and is easy to learn and practice. From the ever popular and simple "Electric Slide" to the more complex "Cowboy Hip Hop", the tempo and genre of music varies widely. This is a great workout for both your body and mind.

Choreographed Partner Dances

As in line dancing, a series of steps is repeated once completed. Partners stay connected and usually do the same steps as each other. In some dances the man does slightly different steps than the lady, sometimes even changing partners. Most partner dances are done in a large circle on the floor, while traveling counterclockwise. Popular choices are the Cowboy Cha Cha done to "Neon Moon" and Sweetheart Schottische to "Love's Got a Hold on Me".

Country Two Step

Also known as "2 Step", this is a smooth partner dance that travels counterclockwise around the floor, also known as "line of dance". The man creates the momentum as he leads the lady into turns and weaves. The basic pattern is 6 beats and the music of choice is country, such as "Adalida" by George Strait and "On the Verge" by Colin Raye.

Night Club 2 Step

Also known as "Night Club", this slow romantic dance is perfect for weddings or any venue that plays ballads. The basic step is simple and has mirror image footwork. The dance flows smoothly and can travel around the floor. Examples of music are "Lady in Red" by Chris DeBargh and "Remember When" by Alan Jackson. You might want to hold the onions!

East Coast Swing

Also known as "Jitterbug", this is an energetic, carefree and timeless dance. With 6 count basics, it boasts simple mirror image footwork and fun turns while rotating circularly around your partner. There are single and triple time options to fit a variety of tempos such as big band era's "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller, Brian Setzer's "Rock This Town" and Big Bad VooDoo Daddy's "Go Daddy-O".


Lindy evolved with jazz music in the 1930's and is a circular, rotating style of swing dance. It is related to jitterbug, although its basic step is an 8 count "swingout". Some great Lindy music is "How Lucky Can One Guy Be" and "Swing Lover" by Indigo Swing.


As an 8 count patterned, high energy dance done to a faster tempo than Lindy, Charleston is easily transitioned from and into jitterbug within a given song. Imagine yourself at Disneyland's Carnation Gardens...that Dixieland music will make your feet hop!

West Coast Swing

California's State Dance continues to be popular with its smooth and flirtatious styling. Basic patterns consist of 6 and 8 counts, the man and lady have different footwork and it is performed in a straight line known as a "slot". The dance has an "elastic" look and feel, which lends itself to opportunities for individual expression and musical interpretation. It is typically done to blues, but works well with pop, funk, hip hop, classic rock and country. Some songs examples are "Mustang Sally" by Wilson Pickett and "Lie to Me" by Johnny Lang. Because of the technicality of the dance, having a solid foundation of the 6-count basics is essential before moving to the next level.


Not just for dipping anymore! Latin music is growing in popularity and so is the dance. Salsa is an 8 count rhythm pattern generally done facing or passing your partner. The music is fast, so the steps are kept small and the movements are smooth. Salsa features lots of quick turns, sexy "shine" moves and freestyling. Favorite artists for salsa are Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan and Tito Puentes.

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